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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


When children have dogs as pets, they have to make good relationship with dogs. By this element, they can learn two steps to make good relationship with others. First step is observing. By observing others, they can know how they feel. It is necessary to know it before trying to make good relationship. For example, dogs wag their tail when they are happy. They shrink when they are scary. When children can understand their sign of their feeling, they can decide what to do next to them. So, they can learn observing others is good way to start to make good relationship. The second step is gaining others confidence. They have to show that they are not going to harm them. In the beginning of making a good relationship. dogs are so nervous to strangers. So, they have to talk to them calmly, touch softly, and try to approach gradually. If they make dogs be surprised, they are scared and never be relaxed. Being able to make them get relaxed is necessary to improve their relationship. So, they can learn the importance of easing others mind, and gain confidence. In conclusion. when they try to making good relationship with dogs, they can learn two steps to make it with others.
In conclusion, when children have dogs as pets, effort is necessary to make good relationship with dogs. Also ,searching information, and having daily tasks are necessary. And all these elements are not easy to be completed. However, by these elements, owner of the dogs can learn important essence in communication with others. Recently, children do not go out so often and like to play TV game inside the house. It is said that they lack their ability to communicate with others. It is good way to let children take care of animals to let them learn how to communicate with others smoothly.


Also, children should get knowledge about dogs. By this element, children can how to correct information. For example, when dogs are ill, they want to know why they are ill, how to cure, what they can do for dogs. Then, they try to collect information about dogs` illness. They can go to the library, and read books about tacking care of dogs. Or, they can ask their parents, teachers, doctors, and so on. Searching information on internet is also good way. Like this, they can learn how to get knowledge by searching. Also, when they are watching TV, they find themselves unconsciously trying to listen to the program about dogs. They can naturally learn collecting the information about the topic which they are interested in. In conclusion, for these reasons, they can learn how to collect information in daily life.


Having daily tasks causes good effects to children. First, children can learn the importance of being punctual. For example, when they take care of dogs, they have to feed dogs everyday and on the fixed time. So, they have to get up on time everyday. Also, they must come back from school early to let dogs walk, and to feed them. If dogs are not be fed on time, they become sullen . If they can no t go for a walk enough, they can not reduce their stress. For this reason, they can learn that being punctual is important when they are being with others. Second, taking care of dogs everyday is good for their health. For example, they have to go for a walk everyday and sometimes they play with dogs like playing with ball, Frisbees, and so on. It si good way to keep healthy body that exercise everyday. Third, they can learn responsibility by having their own daily tasks. It is because they can not miss any tasks. For example, if they miss feeding, dogs would be unhealthy, or even die. Also, if they miss going for a walk, their stress will built up. They always feel that their parents trust them, and they have to have responsibility. In conclusion, for these reasons, to let children complete their tasks cause good effects on them.

Why people likes dogs??

Dogs are so popular because they are cute, active, and faithful. So, recently, many families have dogs as pets. However, taking care of dogs is not so easy. For one reason, it is because we have to do many things. For example, feeding, going for a walk, playing with them. Second, we need to know well about them. For instance, when dogs are ill, we have to research about illness and how to cure. Third, we also need to think about how to make good relationship between others. It is because they are not toys but creatures. We should love them ,know how they feel, and what we can do to them. Recently, some families let their children take care Dogs to educate them. It is because they can learn many things. In my opinion, when children have dogs as pets, there are three elements that causes good effects to them. First, children have to do daily tasks. Second, they need to research about dogs and get knowledge. Third, they should think about making good relationship between others, And these elements cause good effect to children.


I ate indian food yesterday. I went to restaurant near my house with my mother. my mother teaches Japanese to forign students. So, she is interested in foreign culture. We enjoyed it very much. In tokyo, there are many forigners and there are many ethnic food restaurants. We can now easily experience the foreingner`s cultures.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

China town

I went to China town in Yokohama on my birthday. I couldn`t believe that i was in Japan! People talked in Chinese. Menus of restaurants are written in Chinese.Buildings are all red! China town shows that Japan is not mono-culture. They try to maintain ther original culture. I was fascinated by their power.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

I well be 20 years old tomorrow. I can`t believe that i have lived for 20 years. I can`t believe that I am 20 years old!! The other day my grandparnents told me the story of my childhood. They said that they strongry felt "Time flies." My life is not eternal. I want to do my best for everything in my rest life.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The project

The other day I had to do project in my religion class. I had to find something religious in Japan. Japanese think that there not so many religious thing. But I found many good example of Japanese religious mixed culture.First, there are many chapels. It means that there are many christians in Japan. Also, wedding ceremony is religious thing. White dress have the certain meaning. Then , many young peple have crosses as fashion items. It is originally made for praying. In the florist, we can find "Bukka".It is buddist cuklture to give them to their ancestor. In Japan, there many cultures are mixed and finding them is so fun!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Third big difference is the relationship between teachers and students. In British universities, teachers just guide their class without dominating. They let the student choose the topic for discussion, the article, and books which they are going to use. Students are encourage to make their class mainly. and teachers just support their activity. For example, even in science and mathematics classes, which has been more traditional with teachers doing lectures and students taking notes, now students can design their project. Teachers want encourage their participation and want their autonomy grow up. On the other hand, in Japanese class, teachers mainly make their classes. They decide the topic for discussion and books for reading. Students seldom deny them. It is because they think that responsibility of class is on teachers. If teachers did not decide what they are going to do for class, students think that teachers are lazy, and irresponsible. They always want teacher to lead them. In conclusion, teachers` role in British universities is only instructors to help students, and teachers in Japanese universities are leader of classes.


Second big difference is their examination. In British university, 18 years-olds take the examination which has only two or three subjects. Each subject involve three examinations, and students have to answer three questions. For example, "What do you think of -?" What can you do to -?" "Do you agree with-?. In this kind of examination, students have to write essay. Students have to have ability to reason clearly, express themselves and have their original opinion. In contrast, in Japan, students have to take university entrance examination or National Center Tests. These tests have to take more than three subjects. In some case, students have more than ten subjects. In these examination, they have to answer many difficult questions. In almost all of the question have the right answers. For example, "Who did -?" " When did this person -?" " Find the mistake in this sentence. " In Japanese examination, students simply write what they have learnt what the teacher said. In conclusion, in entrance examinations, British university want their students to have ability to express themselves, and have their own opinion. Also, ability to solve problems is so important. In contrast, in the entrance examinations, Japanese university want to check student` s ability to memorize what the teacher say. and to have correct knowledge.

the difference between Japanese universities and British universities

I read the story of British university some days ago. I found big difference between Japanese universities and British universities. One big difference is seen in class. First, the student` s attitude to class is different. British students are talkative in class. They ask questions to teachers, say their opinion in front of the class. They do not worry about making mistakes. Also, they think that being aggressive is very important for them to understand lecture. On the other hand, Japanese students seldom raise their hands, and ask questions. They little bit worry about making mistakes. In Japanese class, they listen to what teachers say, believe that what they are saying is correct. It is important to listen lectures carefully for Japanese university students. Second, sitting position is different. In British university, popular sitting position is "circle." Students and teachers make circle. They face to every member of the class, so they can state their opinion to everyone. Also, teacher can advice to individual. In contrast, Japanese class is teaches centered class. Teachers stand in front of students. They also stand on higher position "Hinadan." It is not good way to let students state opinion, but it is good way for students to concentrate in listening to lecture. In conclusion, Japanese class is one-way lecture that only teachers do their lecture. In contrast, British class encourage students their participation.

me gusta la musica

I like to listen to music. Not only Japanese-pop music, I often listen to classical music, jazz music, and hiphop music. It is because I like to dance in these music. When I was an elementary school student, I liked to go to ballet school near my house. I danced it for 5 years. In high school, I belonged to the dance club and danced jazz and hiphop dance. These music remind me of my memories of dance. I relly like to listen to music in my MD player ,and imagine how dance in these music.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I was elected to be a member of internship.It is the internship in the corporation of cultural exchange. I hope that I can experience something special. It is the first time for me to participate in the internship. What I have to do there has not be decided. For the present, I` m looking forward to meet many people of all ages, and foreign people.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I often go Otoya, Japanese restaurant. We can enjoy healthy and delicious Japanese meal. It is also unexpensive. We had not had the unexpensive Japanese restaurant since Otoya become popular.Now Otoya is popular not only to adults, but also to young people.
Why is Japanese restaurant popular in Japan? Some meals in the menu look easy to cook. Why we go to Japanese restaurant instead of cooking by ourselves? Do we unconciously want Japanese restaurant to be like fast food restaurant? It is easier to eat at restanrant than cooking at home, but i`m afraid many young people forget how to cook traditional food.

high context culture

It is said that Japanese are not good at talking cleary. It is because we are in High-Context-Culture. It means that we share many backgrounds and we can easily understand what others want to say. Guessing what they want to say is so important in conversation. This guessing"Kuki o yomu" is the most important ability to make good relationship with others.Is it because that Japanese is small iland and everyone share similar culture? Although foreigner often blame that Japanese are not good at talking, but it is not the problem of ability, but one cultural difference.